A Theme Developed for Tablets and Phones

Optimised for mobile

This theme will work beautifully on any device at all resolutions. The menu is always visible and the scrolling homepage puts everything your visitors need in one place.

Fast, light and responsive

All the functions you need are already built into the theme: social media, SEO and contact forms. No plugins required and there are a full set of built in customizer options.

Free Support

Not only do you get all the help for free, if there is a feature you want all you have to do is ask.

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Once upon a time everyone had a desktop computer. Then people started to use laptops and notebooks. Then came the smartphone and then the tablet. That’s where we are right now and statistics show over 70% of us browse using some sort of touch screen device.

And it’s not just the devices that have changed, social media has got us used to scrolling down the instead of going to new pages.

All of which means the old way of designing websites needs to change as well. This theme was designed for small screens and tablets and adapted for desktops. No sidebars and everything you need is on the homepage. And all accessible through the navigation links or just by scrolling down.

But there’s so much more. The theme has built in contact forms, text toggles, SEO and Analytics, modal images and even social media links. All of which means you need fewer plugins which results in a faster loading site.

The only thing stopping it getting an A grade is browser caching and that’s something you have to fix on your server. Instructions on how to add browser caching.

So have an explore and discover some of the treats. But if you just can’t wait you can download the theme by clicking on this button:

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SunlightWordPress has some funny ideas about how you should display images. The default seems to be to open the image in a new page.

This theme opens images in a modal lightbox and displays the image Alt Text as a caption.

You don’t have to do anything – it just works.

Social Media

Tree FarmSeems to be mandatory these days to have a facebook page or twitter feed or something on instagram. It’s not my cup of tea but it is part of the theme for those who want it. No need for a plugin, all you have to do is set up the links in the theme settings and then decide to display them on your site: in the header, the footer or even on the page.

Like this:

These aren’t my pages, they are just sample links to show you how it works

Text Toggles

If you have a lot of content it can make for a loooong page. But using a text toggle you can hide the content until people are ready to read it. It’s all done by with shortcode. so only takes a few moments to set up

Just click on any of the titles below to reveal the content.

The River

Autumn Leaves

Winter in the Forest

Quotes from descriptionari.com

Instructions on how to add the toggles are given in the theme settings.


When you install the theme there are lots of guidance notes and instructions in the theme settings. Or you can click these buttons for some getting started instructions or help with some of the features.

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