The customizer lets you test and change a range of layout options. Some are built into all WordPress, others are theme dependent.

This theme has customizer options for: backgrounds, header and footer, homepage layout, social media and SEO


Homepage Settings

All the homepage options are set in the Customizer.

The main homepage feature is the onepage scroll. For this to work properly you need to setup a menu as detailed on the getting started page.


Browser Caching

Browsers cache the files they download. This means they don’t have to load your CSS or jQuery scripts every time you go to a new page. This speeds things up a lot but if you have files that don’t change much it’s worth extendng the time these files are cached.


Contact Forms

The theme has a built in contact form with a range of fields, styling, autoresponder and other customisations.

All the options are configured in the Theme Settings. Click on the Contact Form tab and you will see links to the Settings, Form Styles, Send Options, Error Messages and Autoresponder. And if that wasn’t enough, you


SEO and Analytics Options

Optimizing a WordPress site for the search engines isn’t that complicated. Most of the key components are built into the application already, the only thing that’s missing is ability to edit the page titles and descriptions. And this theme does that for you.


Text Toggle Settings

There may be occasions when you just want to display a set of headers on the page and have people click or touch to reveal the content.


Social Media Icons

Everbody likes social media. And lots of people like to see what you put on your social mendia pages. There are plenty of plugins you can use but if you want a simple way to display SM buttons on your site then this theme can do it for you.


Header Settings

The theme header has a number of options such as: logo, social media icons, Menus, contact details and colours. These are set in the Customizer.

The only exception is the menu or nav bar. To set this go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Select or create a menu and then check the Main option

Web Analytics