Homepage Settings

All the homepage options are set in the Customizer.

The main homepage feature is the onepage scroll. For this to work properly you need to setup a menu as detailed on the getting started page.

Other options in the Customizer allow you set the spacing between each of the page and add a border if you want.

Section Spacing

The Section Spacing is a CSS instruction. The format is:

margin-bottom: 10px


margin-top: 2em;

If you don’t want any gaps the default is:

margin-bottom 0;

Help with using CSS margins

Section Border

The border uses a similar structure:

border-bottom: 1px solid #343848;

where the hex number is the colour of the border.

Help with using CSS borders

Background Images

If you want an image background on each page check the featured image box. You can then add a featured image to each page and it will appear in the background. Top Tip: the image you choose may well make your content difficult to read so you may need to tweak the site colours (in the Customizer).

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